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Emex offers you CCTV installation services in Cardiff and the surrounding areas to monitor, protect and secure your property from burglary, vandalism and harassment. 

Government figures reveal that over 60% of businesses are victims of crime each year and millions of pounds of goods are lost to theft, burglary and vandalism, and a staggering 10% of business is lost because of crime. The figures are equally bad for households too with burglary on the rise around the country.

More than ever, CCTV is a necessary tool in the fight against crime. Not only is it a great visual deterrent, footage can be used to fight against anti-social behaviour, theft and burglary and as evidence in court – helping you to save thousands.

Local Experienced CCTV Engineers based in Cardiff

Located in Cardiff, we are able to respond quickly to your requirements covering all surrounding areas.  Our engineers have many years’ experience setting up CCTV systems in all kinds of premises (indoor and outdoor), whether in a shop or business park or a hidden system in your home.

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To discuss CCTV services in Cardiff and receive a free quote, please contact us on 02921 900 285 or complete the contact form and let us know when is best to contact you.

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